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EMC SAN Wipe Disk —

You need to have the cli installed. ***NOTE: There seems to be some confusion on the Vault Drives.  From what I glean, you will never be able to wipe these drives as they contain a RAID group.   Remove the RAID group and you will lose connectivity and NOT be able to run naviseccli.   If […]

EMC VNX and Clarion Wipe Disk —

They have a built in command that will do the job: navicli -h <SP IP> zerodisk -messner B E D B Bus E Enclosure D Disk usage: zerodisk disk-names [start|stop|status|getzeromark] sample: navicli -h zerodisk -messner 1_1_12 This command will write all zero’s to the disk, making any data recovery from the disk impossible.  Add this command to a windows […]

EMC Wipe Disk Command —

If you don’t need to save anything then you probably don’t need DoD compliancy because a completion certificate is required to meet that governance plus the method of multiple pass overwrites etc… If you don’t need compliance and you don’t need a certificate then you should just issue a command; filesys destroy and-zero (make sure […]

EMC Boot from USB —

by anbrow42 on Sep 22, 2014 10:44 AM After a lot of research and help from others, the answer has been found.  You CAN boot from a USB drive and wipe the disks!  Here is the procedure:   1. create bootable media, either a USB thumbdrive, or bootable CD using BCWipe or whatever other application you choose. […]


1. Install NaviCli NaviCLI Setup  2. Open the command prompt and choose the specific path location where the setup is installed. 3. Example of usage: C:\Users\HP\Navisphere CLI>NaviSECCli.exe -h -user sysadmin -password sysadmin -scope 0 getdisk ——————- If don’t want to write password everytime: For VNX1 Series, use the following commands to copy data from online […]