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Auto Update Web Pages Using JavaScript —

Step 1: Create JavaScript File Create a plain text document and name it with a .js extension, for example masterscript.js. Using the JavaScript document.write method, enter the content you want to be displayed on every page like so: document.write(“<div style=’color:blue; font-size:12pt;’>”); document.write(“© Copyright Myname 2004”); document.write(“</div>”); Note: You don’t need to include script tags in this file. Step 2: […]

Pop Up Window with Fixed Size (Javascript) —

To open up a window with a specified size when you click on a link, you can use this code: <a href=’javascript:window.open(“cup.html”, “_blank”, “toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,copyhistory=no,left=10,top=10,width=200,height=200”)’> Important: * change cup.html to your site or image or whatever * this code is 1 line (no space) This will open a demo if you click on this link. Cheers!! […]