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Moving Local WordPress to Live Site —

This tutorial to help you getting your localhost running wordpress to run on live server (internet). Export Local Database Login to your local phpMyAdmin, select the database from the dropdown. Click on the Export tab: Under the Export field, make sure all tables are selected Under the Structure field, tick “Add DROP TABLE / DROP […]

WordPress .htaccess Localhost to Live Site —

If you have done a mod rewrite of the WordPress URL at live site for example, rewriting unfriendly URLs like: http://www.thisisyourwordpresswebsite.com/?p=4 to keyword based URLs like: http://www.thisisyourwordpresswebsite.com/thisisyourkeyword You need to tweak the .htaccess to function it properly when you are doing a work at XAMPP localhost (assuming you have placed all your files in htdocs under “wordpress” folder): So […]