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EMC SAN Wipe Disk —

You need to have the cli installed.

***NOTE: There seems to be some confusion on the Vault Drives.  From what I glean, you will never be able to wipe these drives as they contain a RAID group.   Remove the RAID group and you will lose connectivity and NOT be able to run naviseccli.   If you know this to be inaccurate, please let me know, as I’d love to hear more.

Then you simply run:

naviseccli -h IP Address -User Username -Password Password -Scope 0 zerodisk -messner all start

This will wipe all disks.   You do need to have all disks unbound, so remove all RAID groups, LUNS, and storage pools first.

You can then run the info below to see the status.  This will give you the % complete.  In Unisphere you should see the drives change from unbound to bound.  Once complete, they will change back to unbound.  (YMMV as this seems to be rather flaky. )

naviseccli -h IP Address -User Username -Password Password -Scope 0 zerodisk -messner all status

Finally, you can run  the below to get the zeromark.

naviseccli -h IP Address -User Username -Password Password -Scope 0 zerodisk -messner all getzeromark

If you see 69704 , congratulations, you have zeroed that disk!

Switching gears, now you need to go into documentation mode.   To collect the serial numbers of the drives you wiped, you can run the info below:

naviseccli -h IP Address -User Username -Password Password  getdisk all -serial

Document all serial numbers and when they were zeroed out.  (Don’f forget, we didn’t wipe the vault drives, so you can’t list those as being zeroed).

You now have a fully wiped SAN, well, mostly wiped anyway.   Those pesky Vault drives can present a real issue.  Hopefully you have never stored live data on them, but if you have, you will want to wipe those drives as well.  If you have another SAN you use, you can pull the vault dives, and insert into the other SAN and zeroize from there.  The only other solution I have is to pull them and wipe with a professional zeroing device.

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