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1. Install NaviCli
NaviCLI Setup 
2. Open the command prompt and choose the specific path location where the setup is installed.
3. Example of usage:
C:\Users\HP\Navisphere CLI>NaviSECCli.exe -h -user sysadmin -password sysadmin -scope 0 getdisk
If don’t want to write password everytime:

For VNX1 Series, use the following commands to copy data from online disk 0_1_5 to any hotspare available:

>> naviseccli –h <SP_IPaddress> copytohotspare 0_1_5 –initiate

***If command above does not work, attempt the following command***

>> naviseccli -h <SP_IPaddress> -user <username> -password <password> copytohotspare 0_1_5 –initiate

note: Default username and password are sysadmin, sysadmin. If for some reason this does not work, request customer for username and password.

**To verify that disk is actually copying to hotspare use command:

>> naviseccli getdisk <disk location>

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